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Tenran no Natsu


TitleTenran no Natsu
Original title天藍の夏
DeveloperSystem Rose
PublishersUme Soft


Hero is living alone in Tokyo and is persuaded to visit his home town by his mother. He will need to take care of parents' ryoukan for a month. He is surprised to find out that there are girls in his hometown waiting for him.

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2000-03-3118+Tenran no Natsu
2008-03-0118+Tenran no Natsu - Download Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Asakura WakabaMain character
Inuzuka KazaneMain character
Kushihara SayoMain character
Takamiya MaoMain character
Watase NatsukiMain character
Yakabe AkaneMain character
Asakura KanjiSide character
KanaeSide character
Kashii OrimeSide character
Mizuki HonokaSide character
Sasabaru MakotoSide character

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