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Binyuu Kiss Nee Rimi "Otouto no Kuse ni Sakarau Nante... Namaiki yo!"

美乳kiss姉 理美 「弟のクセに逆らうなんて……ナマイキよ!」

TitleBinyuu Kiss Nee Rimi "Otouto no Kuse ni Sakarau Nante... Namaiki yo!"
Original title美乳kiss姉 理美 「弟のクセに逆らうなんて……ナマイキよ!」
Binyuu Kiss Nee Rimi - Extra Episode
Shops» JP¥ 11880 @ DLsite (bundle)


Erotic game studio Crossover brings you a juicy masterpiece full of sexy women who are yours for the taking. Find yourself surrounded by big-breasted older women who melt beneath your deep kisses and expert foreplay. Every girl in this game belongs 100% to you, the protagonist, with no other men to ruin your fun. The art is so hot that you can practically feel the steam rising from these girls' soft, feminine bodies. You'll love admiring their voluptuous figures in a variety of costumes like swimsuits, maid outfits, and bunny suits, then stripping them down for fellatio, paizuri, and plenty of hard-pounding nakadashi sex. A great game for lovers of massive kyonyuu breasts.

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Inui Kouhei戌井 晃平
RoleFull Brother, Younger Brother
Engages inCooking, Kendo


Kendo club member
Fetish Points: Lips, Tongue, Breasts

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