Choukyou Katei Kyoushi ~Ojou-sama wa Niku Dorei~


TitleChoukyou Katei Kyoushi ~Ojou-sama wa Niku Dorei~
Original title調教家庭教師~お嬢様は肉奴隷~
AliasesPrivate tutor who trains
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers elle-murakami
Shops» JP¥ 880 @ DLsite (eng) (bundle)


The lead character, Yanagi is a private teacher of a rich girl.
Her highhanded behavior irritates him constantly.
One day he happens to learn a secret about her and her family.
Using that information, he starts to train the girl, and take over her family.
Can you succeed in taking control over this rebellious girl?

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