Edit history of Sugar's Delight

v8527.112017-11-23 at 07:15chipp12Sugar's Delight...
v8527.102014-11-19 at 17:03beliarSugar's DelightSite uses ' as apostrophe. Let's not mess up with basic grammar.
v8527.92014-09-27 at 06:48multiSugar’s DelightReverse relation update caused by revision v11913.3
v8527.82014-05-12 at 06:05xcytSugar’s DelightAdd diaeresis to 'i' in 'naive'. (naive → naïve)
v8527.72014-05-12 at 05:40xcytSugar’s DelightReplace U+0027 (APOSTROPHE) in title with U+2019 (RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK).
v8527.62013-01-03 at 17:22multiSugar's DelightReverse relation update caused by revision v11913.1
v8527.52011-12-04 at 19:41beliarSugar's Delightif that cover screen is NSFW, then I'm a dancing cow.
v8527.42011-12-04 at 16:37exilimSugar's Delightlogo
v8527.32011-12-04 at 14:52PabloCSugar's DelightFixed screenshots with weird resolutions, and added some new ones.
v8527.22011-12-03 at 01:36exilimSugar's DelightAdded Screens
v8527.12011-12-03 at 01:29exilimSugar's DelightAdded Sugar's Delight