Tenteko Onsen Jidaigeki ~Kameya~

てんてこ温泉時代劇 ~亀屋~

Tenteko Onsen Jidaigeki ~Kameya~
TitleTenteko Onsen Jidaigeki ~Kameya~
Original titleてんてこ温泉時代劇 ~亀屋~
DeveloperLily Bell
Publishers Soleil


Kenta is the third son who runs a shop in Edo. One day his parents become owners of a bankrupt hot-spring ryokan "Kameya" and insist that Kenta assists them here. Kenta only agrees to leave Edo on condition that he would return if can successfully restore the ryokan in a year's time.

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2001-07-1918+  Tenteko Onsen Jidaigeki ~Kameya~Non-freeCommercial640x4802 CDs  


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