Holmes! Decchiage Meitantei

Holmes! でっちあげ名探偵

Holmes! Decchiage Meitantei
TitleHolmes! Decchiage Meitantei
Original titleHolmes! でっちあげ名探偵
Publishers Janis


Yuuki Kanou is a student who calls himself a descendant of Sherlock Holmes. He tries to solve mysteries that happen at school together with his partner Yuki Matsumoto who he calls Watson.
His method is to use deduction to prove guilt of a girl and then force that girl to making love. There are 4 cases in total in the main part.

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2000-02-2518+  Holmes! Decchiage MeitanteiPartially voicedStory: No animationsEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  


Character summary

Protagonist Kanou Yuuki
Main character Kobayashi Kyouko
Main character Kondou Shizuho
Main character Matsumoto Yuki
Main character Oomori Chisato
Main character Sanjou Tomomi
Main character Shiroyama Akane
Side character Aihara Miki
Side character Hachisuka
Side character Isaka Kanako
Side character Mizuhara Hotaru
Side character Ooyama
Side character Suzuki Manabu
Side character Tanaka Maiko

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