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v8606.242019-01-30 at 23:59wakaranaiOchiru Hitozumafair representation of releases in screenshots
v8606.232019-01-30 at 21:40punkOchiru HitozumaBut Ochiru Hitozuma ~Animation~ edition Uses Lilith's new engine , and there is no rule link to not replacing some screenshots
v8606.222019-01-30 at 21:16beliarOchiru HitozumaReverted to revision v8606.20
v8606.212019-01-30 at 21:07punkOchiru Hitozumachanged some japanese sceenshots to english ones
v8606.202017-02-10 at 19:53wakaranaiOchiru Hitozumamusic credit
v8606.192016-08-16 at 12:01beliarOchiru Hitozumabetter cover
v8606.182016-06-16 at 00:29eacilOchiru Hitozumaalias, they are better than me at english
v8606.172015-06-23 at 21:24skorpiondeathOchiru Hitozumaadded staff
v8606.162015-05-29 at 13:22partizan14Ochiru Hitozumacast
v8606.152015-04-04 at 11:58skorpiondeathOchiru Hitozumaadded composer
v8606.142015-03-29 at 03:29skorpiondeathOchiru Hitozuma.
v8606.132015-03-28 at 02:29skorpiondeathOchiru HitozumaAnimation and backdrop/background entry should considered Artist t6144.276
v8606.122015-03-26 at 19:43skorpiondeathOchiru Hitozumaadded english alias, cast, staff
v8606.112015-02-08 at 02:10conduitOchiru Hitozumacast
v8606.102015-02-02 at 09:16conduitOchiru Hitozumaartist and scenario credits added Requires scenario credit to: 栗栖 cast credit to: 加乃みるく (夏目 沙代子) 相本さくら(冬野 玲子) other credits listed: 笹山逸刀斎(企画、原作
v8606.92012-12-22 at 18:51warfokiOchiru Hitozumajust a little format adjusting in the description
v8606.82012-08-10 at 13:04yorhelOchiru HitozumaReverted to revision v8606.6 The screenshots are not a place to (primarily) showcase CGs. Check the guidelines please (d2#6)
v8606.72012-08-10 at 12:57odaneOchiru HitozumaRe-edit some CGs
v8606.62012-08-07 at 20:00odaneOchiru HitozumaExtended description
v8606.52012-08-07 at 19:58odaneOchiru HitozumaChanged title to Fallen Wife
v8606.42011-12-31 at 15:57radlink5Ochiru HitozumaThe fictional website/prostitution ring featured prominently in this game is the same as the one from Taimanin Yukikaze, and features pictures from
v8606.32011-12-29 at 09:21partizan14Ochiru Hitozumascreens
v8606.22011-12-29 at 09:14partizan14Ochiru Hitozumaalias+description+length
v8606.12011-12-07 at 19:42dragnmasterOchiru Hitozumaadd vn