Wakusei Omega no Q Ouji


Wakusei Omega no Q Ouji
TitleWakusei Omega no Q Ouji
Original title惑星ΩのQ王子
DeveloperStudio Twinkle
Publishers Studio Twinkle


Space explorers from Earth discovered a strange cosmic object: a giant pumpkin nearing the planet. Upon establishing contact with the pumpkin, they discovered that this vessel belonged to Prince Q from the planet Omega. The planet's super-computer (with a powerful 4 MhZ processor) determined that the prince has to get married. In order to do that, he has to descend onto Earth and find a suitable candidate - naturally after having conducted a thorough sexual examination.

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1996-09-1218+  Wakusei Omega no Q OujiNon-freeCommercial4 Floppies


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  Wakusei Omega no Q Ouji

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