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Sacred Sand

TitleSacred Sand
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
PublishersSilverHyena, VNStat


Lorr is a merchant who has currently set up shop at an outpost in order to help supply the Gradoan army. The outpost was set up as an attempt to put a halt to the recent attacks made on the main city by the Shaherons-- a tribe of people that make their living in the desert. The reasons for this sudden increase in violence is unknown, but that's hardly Lorr's problem--until the outpost gets raided and he ends up being captured by none other than the second prince of Shaheron. To make matters worse, they find out that Lorr can speak the Shaheron language and suddenly he's forced to play negotiator between the two civilizations.


HairBlond, Short
BodyPale, Young-adult


Normally a merchant that works in the capital of Gradoa, Lorr has switched up his usual work in order to aid the army by providing supplies. He is generally anti-war, but since Aydin works for the military, Lorr figures he should do his part too. Lorr is amiable even if he's a bit crass, but he isn't the type to let people walk all over him. He knows several languages and can hold his own in a drinking contest-- and he likes to brag about it.

Main characters

HairBrown, Short
BodyPale, Young-adult


A high ranking soldier in the Gradoan army. Aydin seems rather stoic and unsociable, but the truth is he's just shy. The exception to this is when he's with Lorr. The two of them were raised together and brought up as brothers even though Aydin's parents are nobility while Lorr's mother was only a maid for their manor. Aydin is a master with a sword and won't hesitate to come to Lorr's defense.

HairBlack, Long
BodyOlive, Young-adult


A cocky Shaheron prince who happens to be an excellent marksman with a bow. He's a bit on the spoiled side and sleeps around with no regards to gender. No one really cares though as he's the second son and thus, not in line for the throne. Surprisingly enough, he is actually a very intellectual being versed in many forms of literature and song. More importantly, he can actually speak the Gradoan language.