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v8701.382017-10-29 at 15:09alexandraidvNo, Thank You!!!Updating WP link
v8701.372017-01-30 at 11:34varioNo, Thank You!!!staff
v8701.362016-12-08 at 18:19multiNo, Thank You!!!Reverse relation update caused by revision v19192.11
v8701.352016-05-26 at 21:02novellaNo, Thank You!!!Staff
v8701.342016-05-26 at 20:13alexandraidvNo, Thank You!!!Updated WP link
v8701.332016-03-25 at 18:38novellaNo, Thank You!!!Added staff.
v8701.322015-10-30 at 20:42varioNo, Thank You!!!staff notes
v8701.312015-10-22 at 08:20novellaNo, Thank You!!!Added wikipedia link.
v8701.302015-08-23 at 17:09traumatizerNo, Thank You!!!+4
v8701.292015-04-22 at 16:10nutellafanNo, Thank You!!!Added original Japanese title.
v8701.282015-04-22 at 10:37nutellafanNo, Thank You!!!Added other VAs. I don't consider Narimiya Takashi's entry as a spoiler as he is displayed on the Japanese official website character profiles.
v8701.272015-03-27 at 06:14[deleted]No, Thank You!!!I've almost 100% completed it, and it's definitely not 30 hours.
v8701.262015-03-06 at 04:53[deleted]No, Thank You!!!English screenshots
v8701.252015-03-02 at 14:49sinnyNo, Thank You!!!Updated description to one from Mangagamer
v8701.242015-03-02 at 07:41[deleted]No, Thank You!!!couple of english screenshots
v8701.232015-03-01 at 14:51traumatizerNo, Thank You!!!+1
v8701.222015-02-26 at 12:04shinnewNo, Thank You!!!Staff.
v8701.212015-02-12 at 07:16traumatizerNo, Thank You!!!opening song name
v8701.202015-01-30 at 21:06beliarNo, Thank You!!!staff
v8701.192015-01-30 at 21:05traumatizerNo, Thank You!!!staff
v8701.182015-01-30 at 20:23beliarNo, Thank You!!!VA
v8701.172015-01-30 at 20:00beliarNo, Thank You!!!more VA
v8701.162015-01-30 at 19:31beliarNo, Thank You!!!+2 VA
v8701.152015-01-30 at 19:10beliarNo, Thank You!!!artist
v8701.142015-01-29 at 18:31goldensneerNo, Thank You!!!Seiyuu.
v8701.132015-01-29 at 16:16shinnewNo, Thank You!!!Staff. Can't add an alias to Hamashima Shigeo so this will have to do for now.
v8701.122013-10-14 at 11:409-puraNo, Thank You!!!Added aliases.
v8701.112013-10-14 at 00:239-puraNo, Thank You!!!Updated with screenshots of the first press limited edition (ver.1.10).
v8701.102013-07-03 at 19:50suuuusuuuNo, Thank You!!!game length
v8701.92013-06-07 at 19:45warfokiNo, Thank You!!!Please read d5 before editing. To quote the relevant part: It occasionally happens that official titles or names are either entirely in uppercase or
v8701.82013-06-07 at 18:44suuuusuuuNO, THANK YOU!!!the official title that is on the website and is used by all of the stores and magazines is in full capital letters
v8701.72013-06-04 at 16:58goldensneerNo, Thank You!!!Got rid of border.
v8701.62013-06-04 at 16:57goldensneerNo, Thank You!!!Cover, as shown on Getchu.
v8701.52013-06-02 at 06:25eyelessNo, Thank You!!!obliviously these screenshots were taken from trial, also capitalization
v8701.42013-06-01 at 15:44suuuusuuuNO, THANK YOU!!!adding some screenshots
v8701.32011-12-16 at 18:08nekonekogirlNO, THANK YOU!!!Added description.
v8701.22011-12-10 at 13:07goldensneerNO, THANK YOU!!!Better image taken from Girls Style.
v8701.12011-12-10 at 13:00goldensneerNO, THANK YOU!!!~