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Oppai Kaijuu Akanegon ~Katei Kyoushi wa do S Chijo~

おっぱい怪獣アカネゴン ~家庭教師はどS痴女~

TitleOppai Kaijuu Akanegon ~Katei Kyoushi wa do S Chijo~
Original titleおっぱい怪獣アカネゴン ~家庭教師はどS痴女~
AliasesBoob Monster Akanegon: My Private Teacher Is A Sadistic Nympho
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperMocking Soft
PublishersMocking Soft


Those massive knockers could easily crush a man to death. Those huge breasts that shoot human-melting ominous beams...

Everyone called her Boob Monster Akanegon, a.k.a, Akane Takamiya, a sado big breasted older girl around the neighborhood who babysits and things.

My name is Chikamichi Kimura. I've been studying hard since I failed my last exam. Suddenly in my own home Akanegon appeared, her huge breasts drawing the eyes up to a wicked smile. She said:

"I'm your teacher now. Please call me Akane Sensei."

Sadistic and incorrigible busty private teacher will see that he gets face deep in schooling! Submissive situations, dirty talk, abuse, huge tits, pervert woman, masochism... Recommended for lovers of all the above!

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