Mahou Shoujo Rina


Mahou Shoujo Rina
TitleMahou Shoujo Rina
Original title魔法少女りな
AliasesMagical Story Series Part 2: Mahou Shoujo Rina, マジカル・ストーリィ・シリーズ 魔法少女りな
DeveloperFamily Soft
Publishers Family Soft
Same series
Majokko Kumi


The second Magical Story Series game is not connected to the predecessor story-wise, but has a similar premise. The heroine this time is a little girl named Rina, who has a crush on an older boy, whose name is Tatsuya. One night she sees a falling star and wishes to be a grown-up young woman. Miraculously, her wish is fulfilled; but the falling star is revealed to contain a mischievous imp, who grants Rina an ability to grow up and return to her normal self, as well as assume the appearance of other people...

[From Moby Games]


1992-08-0718+  Mahou Shoujo RinaNon-freeCommercial5 Floppies  
1993-04-1618+  Mahou Shoujo Rina Takeru BanNon-freeCommercial5 FloppiesSold in Takeru vending machines.


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  Mahou Shoujo Rina

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