Edit history of Akira

v880.82018-05-16 at 00:25gerasama-knightAkiraUploading one more from the eng version to show the game interface
v880.72017-04-13 at 04:29kivandopulusAkiralength
v880.62012-05-06 at 15:46YirbaAkiraAdd two English language screenshots.
v880.52009-10-06 at 22:06sogetsuAkiraadded Japanese title
v880.42008-10-26 at 15:47sogetsuAkiraadded screenshots
v880.32008-06-30 at 06:00YorhelAkiraMade the source listing more consistent with the rest of the database, The description could actually use some rewriting, though, as it's not a
v880.22008-06-28 at 22:48sogetsuAkira
v880.12008-06-28 at 21:36sogetsuAkira