Nangoku Dominion


Nangoku Dominion
TitleNangoku Dominion
Original title南国ドミニオン
AliasesKing of solitary island (official subtitle)
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers SofthouseChara


You play as Aloha, a young man with amnesia who is stranded on a volcanic tropical island with nine other people (six girls and three men), and the objective is to survive on the island, and perhaps regain your memory or gain the love of one of the girls and escape with them.

To survive on the island, you must gather food for yourself and the colony, which are gained in mini-game type commands (such as a memory card game or target-shooting), and build helpful structures on the island. You also must interact with the other people on the island, by talking to them, learning more about them, and building their affection -- or disaffection, as you can actually fight and kill other members of the island, or they can kill you! After gaining enough affection with one of the ladies, you can get H events with them, and try to escape the island with them if you have the appropriate means to get their ending.

[Based upon Mastress' review]

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