Custom Mate


Custom Mate
TitleCustom Mate
Original titleカスタムメイト
DeveloperCocktail Soft
Publishers IDES
Same series
Custom Mate 2


A young man finds a mysterious box. Making sure no one is at home, he opens the box and finds a scroll with a magic incantation inside. He chants the magic spell - and immediately a cute female elf appears. She says she can create any girl the hero wants. But once the girl is created, he has to figure out how to win her good graces...

[From MobyGames]


1993-09-1718+  Custom MateNon-freeCommercial5 Floppies 2 
1994-12-1618+  Custom Mate & Denwa no Bell ga...Non-freeCommercial1 CD, 1 FloppyCompilation of Custom Mate and Denwa no Bell ga...  


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