Custom Mate 2


Custom Mate 2
TitleCustom Mate 2
Original titleカスタムメイト2
DeveloperCocktail Soft
Publishers IDES
Same series
Custom Mate
Custom Mate 3


The second game in the Custom Mate series once again allows the hero to create the girl of his dreams; this time not magically, but by engaging the services of Custom Corporation, whose operator is nevertheless still the same cute elf who created the girls in the previous game.

[From MobyGames]


1994-10-2118+  Custom Mate 2Non-freeCommercial8 Floppies  
1995-08-2518+  Custom Mate 2 & Itsuka Dokoka de.Non-freeCommercial1 CD, 1 FloppyCompilation of Custom Mate 2 and Itsuka Dokoka de.  


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