Memories ~Shiroi Yozora ni Mau Tenshi~

メモリーズ ~白い夜空に舞う天使~

Memories ~Shiroi Yozora ni Mau Tenshi~
TitleMemories ~Shiroi Yozora ni Mau Tenshi~
Original titleメモリーズ ~白い夜空に舞う天使~
Publishers Petit


Memories is a dating-oriented game that can be describe as a light simulation with elements of a visual novel. The game's story premise is abstract: the player character explores a small town, hoping to meet and eventually date young women. The game world consists of photorealistic still pictures of locations; the player's only interaction with the game consists of choosing to travel to these locations and advance the time. Female characters will appear in specific locations at specific times of the day. Several meetings are usually needed to initiate a date. Presents and money can be given to the girls as well. The player can consult a fortune teller and find out, for a fee, about the preferences of specific young women, and locations with high chances of meeting them.

[From Mobygames]


1995-1118+  Memories ~Shiroi Yozora ni Mau Tenshi~Non-freeCommercial4 Floppies
1996-08-1318+  Memories Refrain - Omoide wa Itsu made mo...Non-freeCommercial6 Floppies
1997-01-1018+  Memories Refrain ~Omoide wa Itsu made mo~Non-freeCommercial1 CD


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