Nooch 2 Remy no Gyakushuu

ヌーク2 レミーの逆襲

Nooch 2 Remy no Gyakushuu

TitleNooch 2 Remy no Gyakushuu
Original titleヌーク2 レミーの逆襲
AliasesNooch II - Revenge Of Remy
DeveloperSofthouse Bonbee Bonbon
Publishers Softhouse Bonbee Bonbon
Nooch - Abakareta Inbou
Nooch 3 Saigo no Seisen


Some time has passed since Umechiyo helped the genius girl Piliru to uncover the conspiracy in her homeland Paru. Now Piliru is about to attend a prestigious university in Japan. However, Remy, the leader of the Gilbert organization, will not give up so easily. She enlists the help of a foreign nation and concocts a devious plan. In addition, the relationship between the two heroes doesn't progress well. Umechiyo must find a way to stop Remy and restore peace and order.

[From Moby Games]


1993-10-0818+   Nooch 2 Remy no GyakushuuNon-freeCommercial7 Floppies


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   Nooch 2 Remy no Gyakushuu

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