Edit history of Pinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful Dream

v9009.112018-06-20 at 02:53jazz957Pinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful Dream"X68000 サウンドテストプログラム ”PINKY PONKY”   プログラム 田口 泰宏"
v9009.102018-04-11 at 10:28leeryPinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful DreamI understand you're not supposed to form triangular relation graphs even though they look pretty.
v9009.92017-05-08 at 03:40jazz957Pinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful Dreamsome of the music tracks in the x68000 version are re-used from the x68000 version of Ray-Gun which was arranged by Taguchi. btw the x68k soundtrack
v9009.82016-09-28 at 17:56prosekPinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful Dreamfound some information about scenario titles and associated character names at link which helpfullly (describing the game trilogy) does the game
v9009.72016-05-09 at 19:19eiesoldarPinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful Dream10 screenshots
v9009.62015-08-04 at 08:58eacilPinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful Dreamyoups, same series
v9009.52015-08-04 at 08:58eacilPinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful Dreamtitles fixed for harmonization purpose, relation
v9009.42014-06-24 at 17:01samsonPinky Ponky - Beautiful DreamAdded length and an extended description.
v9009.32012-01-10 at 20:11slv76Pinky Ponky - Beautiful DreamAlter title
v9009.22011-12-17 at 23:15multiPinky Ponky - Beautiful DreamReverse relation update caused by revision v9010.1
v9009.12011-12-17 at 23:06slv76Pinky Ponky - Beautiful DreamAdd VN