Present 2


Present 2
TitlePresent 2
Original titleプレゼント2
DeveloperOrange House
Publishers Apple Pie & Orange House
 Wayi International Digital ...
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Collection of three short stories:
- "Incest". Hero does not have siblings but meets a magical angel one day and confesses his dream of having a sister to him. When he comes home a sister is waiting for him.
- "Cat girl Mina". Heroine catches a cold and takes a day off school. As she wakes up she finds a human shaped cat on the bed of the other room.
- "Southern Cross". Noah plan to colonize another star is going to be carried tomorrow. Hero spends the last night before departure with his lover in a hotel.

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1992-10-0618+  Present 2Non-freeCommercial4 FloppiesMIDI compatible
1992-1018+  Present 2Non-freeCommercial5 Floppies
1992-1118+  Present 2Non-freeCommercial4 Floppies
1995-08-2518+  Present DuoNon-freeCommercial7 FloppiesCompilation of Present and Present 2. 1 
199518+  LiwuNon-freeCommercialCompilation of Present and Present 2.


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