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Mahou no Palette


TitleMahou no Palette
Original title魔法のパレット
AliasesMagic Palette


Jan lost his parents in a fire when he was a child. He now tries to become a painter and travels the land as his father did. He has two purposes in his journey: to polish his skills as a painter and to find the witch with a stone called "A Drop of the Moon," which appeared in his father's painting. Unfortunately, the painting was lost in the fire, but it remains in Jan's memory. No one believes in the existence of witches, but Jan's father believed it up until his death. Jan believes his father, and he finally arrives at the famous "witch-town" of Evenburg.

Will Jan be able to finally meet the witch? This adventurous story takes place in the beautiful, medieval European-like town of Evenburg. The goal of the player (Jan) is to find the gem called "A Drop of the Moon." Throughout the quest, the player will meet many cute witches and experience exciting events with them! This title features a new "Attribute System," which appoints every witch a specific guardian gemstone. This system randomly decides which events will occur according to the personalities of the characters. For instance, if your character doesn't share matching attributes with the heroine, your character will never share the night with her! Play hard! Get the gem! Get your favorite girl!!

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2001-04-2718+Mahou no Palette


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    Main characterAnero
    Main characterFiore
    Voiced by Hinata Yura
    Main characterMedicina
    Voiced by Torii Kanon
    Main characterRivelte
    Main characterShiera
    Voiced by Iwaki Yuna

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