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Sweet Days


TitleSweet Days
Original titleスウィートデイズ
DeveloperPearl Soft
PublishersPearl Soft


The hero spent summer vacation of high school third grade without doing anything. The school side persuaded him to leave the advanced course because of lack of academic ability and motivation.

The mother of the protagonist is shocked by that. She asked revise that decision based on the results of forthcoming exams. She hired a neighbor Shinohara Aki who attends a famous national university as tutor.

Aki, who secretly had feelings for the hero, willingly accepted and for three weeks before the proficiency test she will tutor the hero.

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Japanese (3)
1997-10-3118+Sweet Days
1997-10-3118+Sweet Days [PC-9821 CD Edition]
1998-09-2518+Sweet Days


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  • 5550Backgrounds, title logo, graphics
  • Na-GaGraphics

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