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v914.292019-01-30 at 13:50nekonekogirlSwan Songstaff
v914.282016-12-13 at 19:38infernoplexSwan SongUpdated the source link in the description + added an alias (it's the japanese name for this VN)
v914.272016-10-27 at 17:26wakaranaiSwan Songyour research left out PRIMARY source of credits: the GAME itself.
v914.262016-10-27 at 06:24requeimSwan SongClarified music credits based on information available online. The respective websites of Marica and BB (of Funczion SOUNDS), as well as the main
v914.252015-02-09 at 01:21wakaranaiSwan Songmusic&cast
v914.242015-01-30 at 21:35samsonSwan SongAdding what I know.
v914.232015-01-29 at 12:56shinnewSwan SongStaff.
v914.222015-01-29 at 03:40r2Swan Songadded script writer
v914.212014-06-18 at 10:02yorhelSwan SongReverted to revision v914.19 Those are not better
v914.202014-06-18 at 09:46vukpSwan SongBetter screenshots
v914.192010-06-22 at 13:18izmosmolnarSwan Songbetter cover
v914.182010-01-05 at 21:08izmosmolnarSwan Songencubed
v914.172009-12-17 at 17:45izmosmolnarSwan Songenglish screenies
v914.162009-09-19 at 01:15lightSwan SongAdd description
v914.152009-08-30 at 11:42vdzSwan SongYay screenshots
v914.142008-07-13 at 18:32yorhelSwan Songt31
v914.132008-07-13 at 12:34yorhelSwan SongReverted to revision v914.11 Both the official site and getchu say it's ADV. (Also see d1.2)
v914.122008-07-13 at 12:24corruptdataSwan Song
v914.112008-07-10 at 06:32yorhelSwan SongUseless use of capitalization, see d5#2
v914.102008-07-10 at 05:17nacchiSWAN SONG- Updated categories
v914.92008-07-10 at 05:10nacchiSWAN SONG- Marked cover image NSFW
v914.82008-07-10 at 05:09nacchiSWAN SONG- Updated categories and added box cover image
v914.72008-07-10 at 05:07nacchiSWAN SONG- Updated categories
v914.62008-07-10 at 04:54nacchiSWAN SONG- Updated categories
v914.52008-07-10 at 04:43nacchiSWAN SONG- Updated categories
v914.42008-07-10 at 04:42nacchiSWAN SONG- Updated categories
v914.32008-07-10 at 04:39nacchiSWAN SONG- Overwrote duplicate with something I've been meaning to get in the database anyway.
v914.22008-07-10 at 04:33nacchiShera, My Witch- Added box image
v914.12008-07-10 at 04:32nacchiShera, My Witch- New addition; the only planned MangaGamer release not on the site.