Edit history of Imo-bilizer!

v9168.202017-03-26 at 11:12kivandopulusImo-bilizer!length
v9168.192016-12-28 at 07:19707Imo-bilizer!According to EGS, it's "Hiiragi Nao". but it's weird to use same name for singing and voicing eroge chars if Hiiragi herself never mentioned it. So I
v9168.182016-12-28 at 03:29thewayfarerImo-bilizer!I removed s4974 as a Seiyuu, that I've added. The CV is supposed to be "柊菜緒" mashed together but I don't know how to translate it.
v9168.172016-12-09 at 22:08thewayfarerImo-bilizer!Somebody confirm if this is correct? Because originally the CV's name was mashed together as "柊菜緒"
v9168.162016-12-09 at 19:33shinnewImo-bilizer!See cover, or the archived website if that's too small. link link Reverted to revision v9168.14
v9168.152016-12-04 at 19:45nazzarothImo-bilaiza!didnt see anything in history this time and homepage from dev. is noninformative. hiraganawise it should be written like this.
v9168.142015-09-30 at 16:07nananaImo-bilizer!english term
v9168.132015-09-30 at 16:06phantasmImo-bilizer!Bro-ther complex = bro-con.
v9168.122015-09-29 at 16:55weilaiImo-bilizer!..
v9168.112015-09-28 at 17:00weilaiImo-bilizer!..
v9168.102015-08-06 at 18:08traumatizerImo-bilizer!staff, cast
v9168.92015-02-28 at 18:16traumatizerImo-bilizer!staff
v9168.82015-02-03 at 02:41phantasmImo-bilizer!minor correction.
v9168.72013-04-06 at 14:21nekonekogirlImo-bilizer!Added description.
v9168.62012-12-08 at 12:15thelaslingImo-bilizer!Mosaic on her pants
v9168.52012-10-28 at 13:12eyelessImo-bilizer!screenshots
v9168.42012-07-17 at 16:55earthwormImo-bilizer!re-upload
v9168.32012-07-17 at 16:52earthwormImo-bilizer!New cover
v9168.22011-12-22 at 10:45nananaImo-bilizer!alias
v9168.12011-12-22 at 10:42nananaImobilizer!vn