Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o


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TitleSono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o
Original titleその花びらにくちづけを
AliasesKissing the Petals, SonoHana 1, 花吻在上, Sonohanabirani Kuchidukewo (Kissing the petal)
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
LinksWikipedia, Encubed
Publishers Fuguriya
 Zhijian Naicha Yingyuanhui
 CountPacula & AnimeCHANNEL
 Sentaku no yume
 Soulhunter no Fansub & AnimeCHANNEL
 Jiyuu VN
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Kuchibi...


The first installment of the series, this particular game follows Oda Nanami who is a new freshman in high school. However on the first day, she ends up in an accident in which a senior student from the school comes to her rescue. Ever since that meeting with Matsubara Yuna, Nanami just cannot get her mind off of her and later decides to join the student council. But one day…Nanami catches Yuna doing something very strange, while also calling out Nanami’s name.

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Protagonist with a Sprite 3.0 Female Protagonist 3.0 Only Same-Sex Sexual Content 3.0 Ojousama Heroine 3.0 No Opening Movie 3.0 Protagonist with a Face 3.0 Yuri 2.9 All-girls School 2.9 Protagonist with Voice Acting 2.9 Girls Love Only 2.9 ADV 2.9 Oneesan-type Heroine 2.8 High School Student Protagonist 2.8 Shoujo Ai 2.8 Only a Single Heroine 2.8 Homosexual Protagonist 2.8 Fingering 2.7 Senpai Heroine 2.6 Nukige 2.6 Deredere Heroine 2.5 Colored Name-tags 2.5 Sex in Classroom 2.5 Student Council Member Protagonist 2.5 Student Council President Heroine 2.5 High School 2.5 Linear Plot 2.5 Cunnilingus 2.5 Student Heroine 2.4 Romance 2.4 Modern Day Japan 2.4 Single Ending 2.3 Kissing Scene 2.3 Female Ejaculation 2.2 Tribadism 2.2 Student Protagonist 2.2 Branching Plot 2.0 Few Choices 2.0 Slice of Life Comedy 2.0 Early Branching Plot 2.0 Mutual Masturbation 2.0 Outdoor Sex 2.0 Student Council 2.0 Sex in Public Places 1.9 Brief Branches 1.9 Sexual Content 1.9 Naked Sprites 1.9 Pettanko Protagonist 1.9 Comedy 1.8 School Life Comedy 1.8 Early Sexual Content 1.8 Tsukkomi Protagonist 1.7 Super Deformed CG's 1.5 Kyonyuu Heroine 1.5 Game Over 1.5 Seventh Posture 1.5 Heroine with Intake Hairstyle 1.5 Only One Good Ending 1.5 Only One Bad Ending 1.5 Music Recollection 1.5 Public Masturbation 1.5 Sexual Fantasizing 1.5 Voyeurism 1.5 Heroine with Garter Belt 1.0 Boke Heroine 1.0 Bathroom Sex 1.0

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