Edit history of Faint Tone

v9176.112020-07-08 at 22:57kittysanFaint ToneWhen I originally entered the length, I based it entirely on my slowass Japanese reading speed at the time. However, Faint Tone is really more of a
v9176.102016-05-23 at 00:28varioFaint Tone+1
v9176.92015-09-29 at 17:08weilaiFaint Tone..
v9176.82015-07-20 at 20:38ds1150Faint Tone+staff
v9176.72015-06-08 at 21:35traumatizerFaint Tonestaff
v9176.62013-06-05 at 01:37kittyplayFaint ToneAdded approximate length.
v9176.52012-12-01 at 18:40krylanFaint Tonescreenshots
v9176.42012-07-02 at 09:18nananaFaint Tonedesc
v9176.32012-06-16 at 00:17nananaFaint Tonecover and alias
v9176.22012-04-20 at 05:01nananaFaint Tonecover
v9176.12011-12-23 at 05:29nananaFaint Tonevn