Scarred Gem - Jeongryeongseok eui Guae

스카드 잼 - 정령석의 구애

Scarred Gem - Jeongryeongseok eui Guae
TitleScarred Gem - Jeongryeongseok eui Guae
Original title스카드 잼 - 정령석의 구애
DeveloperArtlim Media
PublishersArtlim Media


Due to an unforeseen accident, our protagonist ruins his university entrance exams. As our protagonist makes up his mind to re-take the entrance exams, a mysterious girl appears and hands him a broken pendant while speaking in an unknown language. Although suspicious, he brings the pendant home with him. This awakens the spirit in the pendant and with her support, our protagonist has to find his significant other. (... what happened to re-taking the entrance exams?)


2001-11-23Scarred Gem - Jeongryeongseok eui Guae
2002-01-04Scarred Gem - Jeongryeongseok eui Guae - Trial Edition

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Character summary

Main characterCha Su-Gyeong
Main characterHyeon Seung-Ha
Main characterJeong Ji-Su
Main characterJin Da-Hye
Main characterLena Min
Main characterRishiseu
Main characterSeomun Ga-Yeong
Main characterShin Shi-Won
Main characterShin Yu-Shin
Main characterYeon Ga-Eul
Main characterYi Mi-Hyeon
Main characterYi Su-A
Main characterYu A-Yeong
Main characterYun So-Ra
Side characterBaek Gi-Nam
Side characterMin Su-Jeong
Side characterMyuteu
Side characterSaileonteu
Side characterYeon Ho-Yeong
Side characterYeon Su
Side characterYi Hyeong-Seob

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Scarred Gem - Jeongryeongseok eui Guae

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