Soushi Soumai ~Oya no Inu Aida ni~


Soushi Soumai ~Oya no Inu Aida ni~
TitleSoushi Soumai ~Oya no Inu Aida ni~
Original title相思相妹~親の居ぬ間に…~
AliasesMutual Imoto - The Time Parents Aren't Home
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers SUZUYA


Maina is my little sister.
She's always been cute to me, but lately
she's so cute it's making me hurt.
Guys at school are falling over themselves
to try and win her. To steal her from me.

Our parents are going on a 3-day vacation.
The next 3 days, it's just us!
Maina is all mine.

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Nukige 2.0

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