Night Wizard ~Denial of the World~

ナイトウィザード The VIDEO GAME~Denial of the World~

Night Wizard ~Denial of the World~
TitleNight Wizard ~Denial of the World~
Original titleナイトウィザード The VIDEO GAME~Denial of the World~
Publishers 5pb. Games
Same setting
Night Wizard Mahou Taisen ~The Peace ...
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Related anime[DB-ANN] Night Wizard The Animation (TV Series, 2007)


A PS2 game adaptation of the "Night Wizard!" anime that includes a new heroine.

Renji Hiiragi is a member of an order of Night Wizards who protect the world from those who would plunge it into darkness. Night Wizards have special abilities and are armed with weapons called artifacts which allow them to attack discarnate beings known as Emulators. The Playstation 2 game starts off with a relatively lengthy interactive intro which sets up the characters, their relationships, and the travails that lie before them. The main portion of the game plays like an interactive novel where text is read and choices are selected to proceed further. When a battle pops up, simple combat commands are chosen to beat back enemy forces.

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2008-02-28All ages  Night Wizard ~Denial of the World~Non-freeCommercial1 CDVisual novel version of Night Wizard franchise, added a new female character.  
2008-02-28All ages  Night Wizard ~Denial of the World~ Limited EditionNon-freeCommercial1 DVD  

Character summary

Protagonist Hiiragi Renji
Voiced by Yanagi Naoki
Main character Akabane Kureha
Voiced by Satou Rina
Main character Anzelotte
Voiced by Kogure Ema
Main character Bell Zephyr
Voiced by Gotou Yuuko
Main character Himuro Akari
Voiced by Kogure Ema
Main character Mochizuki Chihaya
Voiced by Kobayashi Yuu
Main character Shihou Elise
Voiced by Miyazaki Ui

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