Crystal Dream II ~Maou no Gen'ei~

クリスタルドリーム Ⅱ ~魔王の幻影~

Crystal Dream II ~Maou no Gen'ei~
TitleCrystal Dream II ~Maou no Gen'ei~
Original titleクリスタルドリーム Ⅱ ~魔王の幻影~
Aliasesクリスタルドリーム2~魔王の幻影, Crystal Dream 2
Publishers Striker
Crystal Dream


Hero is a brave person who is worried that the town stays under tyrannical rule. He sets to talk to magistrate, but on the way there hears a story that demon was revived and town magistrate being manipulated. So he forwards to Crystal castle to defeat demon king.

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Sexual Content 2.0 ADV 2.0 RPG 2.0


1990-03-2418+  Crystal Dream II ~Maou no Genei~Non-freeCommercial1 Floppy
1990-04-0618+  Crystal Dream II ~Maou no Genei~Non-freeCommercial4 Floppies

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