Venus Blood -Frontier-


Venus Blood -Frontier-
TitleVenus Blood -Frontier-
Original titleヴィーナスブラッド-フロンティア-
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
DeveloperDual Tail & Ninetail
Publishers Ninetail & Dual Tail
 Xinyuanwu Hanhuazu
 JAST USA & Dual Tail
Venus Blood -Ragnarok-
Same series
Venus Blood -Abyss-
Venus Blood -Gaia-


...Gods in heaven, demons on earth, and a giant floating continent for humans.

The continent that is known as the『Floating Continent of Yggdrasil』.

That is, a floating miniature garden of the gods.

A place where the human survivors of the great war live, the continent closest to the realm of the gods.

The Demon Emperor Surtr who has his eyes set on that continent said this to this heirs.

「The one who brings me the Heart of Yggdrasil said to be safeguarded by the goddesses on the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil shall be the heir to my throne. As long as you get your hands on the Heart of Yggdrasil, I will not question your methods nor your past transgressions. You are free to make alliances between yourselves, sabotage, or even 'remove' your fellow heirs as you would any obstacle. Kill and rampage as you wish and prove to me your strength and worth」

Hearing those words, Surtr's heirs, all having motivations of their own, began their invasion of the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil.

Among them, an ostracised member of the demon nobility, Loki, has also decided to participate in the feud for the throne.

To become the Demon Emperor is to stand above and at the very top of every demon.

If corrupting the goddesses said to be as beautiful and elegant as a flower in full bloom will be the key that leads to him gaining the throne, he saw no reason not to participate.

He, who desires the divine, beautiful goddesses.

He, who lusts for power to obtain everlasting freedom.

He, who wishes for the neck of the Demon Emperor who took everything from him.

5 invading demons, and 5 goddesses fighting back.

All the pieces have fallen into place. All that remains is for him to wager his own existence in this battle and fight.

In a continent caught in a whirlpool of chaos and ambition, Loki's own ambition burns brightly.

[From Ninetail]


2012-02-1018+  VenusBlood -Frontier- ADV Trial EditionFreewareCommercialInternet download  
2012-03-2818+  VenusBlood -Frontier- SLG Trial EditionFreewareCommercialNon-standardInternet downloadResolution: 960x720  
2012-04-2718+  VenusBlood -Frontier-Fully voicedNon-freeCommercialNon-standard1 DVDResolution: 960x720  
2012-07-1318+  VenusBlood -Frontier- Download EditionFully voicedNon-freeCommercialNon-standardInternet downloadResolution: 960x720  
2017-06-1618+  Venus Blood Anniversary PackFully voicedNon-freeCommercial1280x720Also contains April's Fools 2012-2015 mini games:
-Venus Blood -Garden-
-Venus Blood -Garden 2-
-Venus Blood -HELL-
-Venus Blood -Ai-  
2012-09-2918+  Venus Blood -Frontier- (patch)FreewareInternet downloadBaidu pass A092
Winrar pass: 忧郁的弟弟
Google docs alternative link for patch only:
Latest version v2.5
Simplified Chinese  
2018-04-3018+  VenusBlood FRONTIER English ADV Trial EditionPartially voicedFreewareCommercial1 DVD, Internet downloadUncensoredADV Trial version for upcoming English Localisation. Available for download online and CDs containing the trial version were first distributed physically at Character1 2018 at Tokyo Big Sight.

Official MEGA Mirror of trial  
2018-09-20All ages  VenusBlood FRONTIER Gameplay TrialFreewareCommercialInternet downloadAll-ages gameplay trial made available for free on the English Localization Kickstarter. It includes the content from the ADV trial.
2018-09-2018+  VenusBlood FRONTIER Gameplay Trial (Uncensored Ver.)FreewareCommercialInternet downloadUncensored18+ uncensored gameplay trial, available on the JAST USA website. It includes the content from the ADV trial and it adds the missing 18+ content from the other gameplay trial.
2019-1218+  VenusBlood FRONTIER - Download EditionNon-freeCommercialInternet downloadUncensored Kickstarter Available  
2019-12All ages  VenusBlood FRONTIER - All-ages EditionNon-freeCommercialInternet download  
2019-1218+  VenusBlood FRONTIER - Restorative Patch (patch)FreewareInternet downloadUncensoredThere will be a free patch available for download that will restore all scenes that were cut from the all-ages version.  
2019-12All ages  VenusBlood FRONTIER - Package EditionNon-freeCommercial1 DVDAvailable to those, who pledge 7260 yen or more to the Kickstarter campaign.  
2019-02-01All ages  Venus Blood -Frontier- ADV Demo (patch)FreewareInternet downloadOfficial website  also translated.  


Character summary

Protagonist Loki Muspelheim
Main character Freya
Voiced by Satou Reira
Main character Freya
Voiced by Satou Reira
Main character Odin
Voiced by Andou Ryuu
Main character Odin
Voiced by Andou Ryuu
Main character Rigret
Voiced by Momoya Minami
Main character Rigret
Voiced by Momoya Minami
Main character Thor
Voiced by Arigatou
Main character Thor
Voiced by Arigatou
Main character Tyrca
Voiced by Misato Ayame
Main character Tyrca
Voiced by Misato Ayame
Side character Fena
Voiced by Kanan
Side character Fenrir
Voiced by Misonoo Mei
Side character Garm
Side character Hel
Voiced by Aoi Tokio
Side character Hvedrung Muspelheim
Side character Jörmu
Voiced by Saki Yutaka
Side character Menia
Voiced by Kanan
Side character Surt
Voiced by Kyou Aoi
Side character Ymir

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