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Skapon Tankentai

Skapon 探検隊

TitleSkapon Tankentai
Original titleSkapon 探検隊
AliasesSukapon Tankentai, スカポン探検隊, THE ENCHANTED HUNTERS


The year is 2028. It is said that an eccentric genius scientist has constructed a laboratory on an island known as Ero-Manga. This island is populated by robots and beautiful girls. An exploration team consisting of an intrepid adventurer and his female assistant, who is looking for her missing father, lands on the island and is prepared to explore the wilderness in search of the laboratory.

[From mobygames]


1988-1018+Skapon Tankentai
1988-1018+Skapon Tankentai

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Skapon Tankentai

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