Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro


Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro
TitleSora no Iro, Mizu no Iro
Original titleそらのいろ、みずのいろ
Aliasesそらみず, soramizu, The Color of the Sky, The Color of the Water
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Ciel & Mints & Space Project Co., Ltd.
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Related anime[DB-ANN] Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro (OVA, 2006)


Asa & Natsume are both in love with Hajime Saisho. Instead of fighting over him, they both promised to share him equally. However, both girls have to leave him by the end of the summer. As the summer days go by, they each spend their precious time with Hajime, while the day of their fated departure draws near.

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