Kohaku-iro no Yuigon


Kohaku-iro no Yuigon
TitleKohaku-iro no Yuigon
Original title琥珀色の遺言
Aliases1920 Series #1, 藤堂竜之介探偵日記 琥珀色の遺言 西洋骨牌連続殺人事件, Toudou Ryunosuke Tantei Nikki - Kohaku-iro no Yuigon - Seiyou Koppai Renzoku Satsujin Jiken, Kohakushoku no yuigon
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperRiverhill Soft inc.
Publishers D4Enterprise & Riverhill Soft inc.
Ougon no Rashinban


Kohakuiro no Yuigon ("Amber Testament") is the first in the row of detective games starring the fictional Japanese private investigator Ryūnosuke Tōdō. The events of the game take places in Japan in the year 1921, and Tōdō must investigate a mysterious murder of a rich man in his own mansion. The deceased had many relatives, and its the detective's job to find out which one of them (if any) has committed the murder.

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1988-06All ages  Kohaku-iro no YuigonNon-freeCommercial4 Floppies
1988-07All ages  Kohaku-iro no YuigonNon-freeCommercial2 Floppies
1988-08All ages  Kohaku-iro no YuigonNon-freeCommercial2 Floppies
1988-11All ages Kohaku-iro no YuigonNon-freeCommercialFM77AV version.
1988-11All ages Kohaku-iro no YuigonNon-freeCommercial4 FloppiesX1turbo version
1988All ages  Kohaku-iro no YuigonNon-freeCommercial2 Floppies
2002-09-01  Kohaku-iro no Yuigon (PC-98)Non-freeCommercialInternet downloadRe-release of the PC-9801 version  
2003-01-10  Kohaku-iro no Yuigon (FM77AV)Non-freeCommercialInternet downloadRe-release of the FM77AV version  
2003-11-29  Kohaku-iro no Yuigon (MSX2)Non-freeCommercialInternet downloadRe-release of the MSX2 version  
2014-12-09  Kohaku-iro no Yuigon (X68000)Non-freeCommercialInternet downloadRe-release of the X68000 version.  
2015-10-13  Kohaku-iro no Yuigon (PC-88)Non-freeCommercialInternet downloadRe-release of the PC-8801 version  
2017-05-09  Kohaku-iro no Yuigon (MSX2+)Non-freeCommercialInternet download  
2009-08  Toudou Ryunosuke Zhentan Riji: Hupose de Yiyan - Xiyang Gupai Lianxu Sharen ShijianFreewareDoujinInternet downloadSimplified Chinese translation by 樱月汉化组

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