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v945.382019-01-21 at 00:17k0n0Katawa ShoujoThe description contained some inaccuracies (original said the MC found a letter in his locker in the prologue, but it was actually in his math
v945.372018-12-14 at 19:12multiKatawa ShoujoReverse relation update caused by revision v24425.5
v945.362018-09-30 at 14:08multiKatawa ShoujoReverse relation update caused by revision v24425.1
v945.352018-08-07 at 15:04multiKatawa ShoujoReverse relation update caused by revision v23682.1
v945.342017-08-14 at 20:27lunaterraKatawa Shoujostaff -> composer
v945.332017-08-14 at 20:19aoiichiKatawa ShoujoCorrected staff info
v945.322017-08-14 at 20:19aoiichiKatawa ShoujoEdited staff info
v945.312017-03-25 at 01:29multiKatawa ShoujoReverse relation update caused by revision v21002.6
v945.302016-09-19 at 03:36chipp12Katawa Shoujolink
v945.292016-09-01 at 10:58varioKatawa Shoujostaff
v945.282016-09-01 at 10:28varioKatawa Shoujoscenario
v945.272016-05-16 at 23:19hnnynKatawa Shoujoname order
v945.262014-07-29 at 16:39jumpykunKatawa ShoujoYou could finish each path on Kata for 5 hours each.
v945.252014-07-13 at 15:45ofi359Katawa ShoujoThe game is 430000-490000 words long depending on the version which is certainly more of a long length (for example, Ever 17 is estimated to be
v945.242014-07-11 at 17:33psychoracerKatawa ShoujoLength corrected
v945.232014-04-16 at 17:20ofi359Katawa ShoujoLength (100% Completion)
v945.222013-08-13 at 13:22maliksusantoKatawa ShoujoAdding SS ,Fix & Reupload SS with "Odd Resolution"
v945.212013-04-28 at 08:41veebie29Katawa ShoujoUpdate Renai link
v945.202012-06-24 at 19:10yirbaKatawa Shoujoencubed link
v945.192012-02-09 at 13:54nacchiKatawa ShoujoSome new full version screenshots.
v945.182012-01-04 at 14:22mintKatawa Shoujolength
v945.172010-08-20 at 18:39immlffKatawa Shoujooriginal title of this vn is "Katawa Shoujo"
v945.162010-08-20 at 17:06pikasso646Katawa Shoujotitle
v945.152010-03-11 at 15:58echomateriaKatawa Shoujoposting the same screenshots in different languages is not allowed
v945.142010-03-06 at 20:46immlffKatawa ShoujoReverted to revision v945.12 cliche erogeshop-like phrase won't improve it
v945.132010-03-03 at 00:25freshKatawa ShoujoTrue eroge summary flavor added.
v945.122010-01-22 at 09:44freshKatawa Shoujoadd link
v945.112009-10-19 at 17:00remedilKatawa ShoujoScreenshot
v945.102009-10-19 at 16:45remedilKatawa ShoujoScreenshot added.
v945.92009-07-15 at 11:41freshKatawa Shoujo+wikipedia
v945.82009-06-30 at 11:44freshKatawa Shoujo+italian screenshot
v945.72009-04-30 at 18:34freshKatawa Shoujothose would happen to be screenshots from Act 1.
v945.62009-04-30 at 18:27ivxxxKatawa Shoujoadded screenshots
v945.52009-04-30 at 18:18freshKatawa Shoujobetter image. there is no game cover but this is pretty much the "official" image now.
v945.42008-07-24 at 22:59applehqKatawa ShoujoThis is an ADV.
v945.32008-07-24 at 22:54losstarotKatawa ShoujoFixing.
v945.22008-07-24 at 22:32freshKatawa Shoujothat's what it is
v945.12008-07-24 at 22:24nicolarmarfiKatawa Shoujoadded visual novel