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Voice ~Kimi no Kotoba ni Boku o Nosete~

Voice ~君の言葉に僕をのせて~

TitleVoice ~Kimi no Kotoba ni Boku o Nosete~
Original titleVoice ~君の言葉に僕をのせて~


Heterographers are people who can manipulate language and create powerful word forms with almost magical effect capable of summoning spirits.

This is a school where a lot of heterographers are gathered. There is fighting and a lot of mysterious events happening. Feng Hong transferred to such school in pursuit of his first love. What will these events conclude with?

[From vndbreview]


1999-12-2318+Voice ~Kimi no Kotoba ni Boku o Nosete~


        Full character list

        Character summary

        Ootori KaoruProtagonist
        Houkaiin SaraMain character
        Houkaiin ShionMain character
        Kasaoka HarukaMain character
        Kashima SaiMain character
        Kasuga NanaseMain character
        Ootori MioMain character
        Shirasagi RyouMain character
        Takamatsu IzumiMain character
        Yanagi MeiMain character
        Akutsu KatsuyukiSide character
        James HakurazakiSide character
        Kumano IwaoSide character
        Saijou TatsukiSide character
        Seseragi SanshirouSide character

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