Suki Suki Onii-chan ~The Pretty Little Sister~

すきスキお兄ちゃん ~The Pretty Little Sister~

Suki Suki Onii-chan ~The Pretty Little Sister~
TitleSuki Suki Onii-chan ~The Pretty Little Sister~
Original titleすきスキお兄ちゃん ~The Pretty Little Sister~
AliasesSuki Suki Onii-chan
DeveloperAqua House
Publishers Aqua House & AiCherry
Same series
Dokidoki Onii-chan


A girl named Miyuri lives near you. She looks so young that she can almost pass as your little sister. Miyuri seems like the strong type, but she is a super, shy girl, who is very naive. For some reason, Miyuri has total trust in you and calls you, "Brother." Even Miyuri's mother has total faith in you.

One day, Miyuri sneaks into your room, and you later find her taking a nap. You try to wake her up, but she tells you, "I love your blanket. Every time I wake up, I can see you." Miyuri tells you this and blushes.

Then you have dinner together and watch T.V. Well, this is what you guys go through on a normal, routine basis. What kind of relationship will this turn into? Since this is an 18 and over game, it's obvious where it's heading, if you get my hint...

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2002-04-0518+   Suki Suki Onii-chan ~The Pretty Little Sister~Fully voicedNon-freeCommercial800x6001 CDA mirror of the official site  
2006-02-1718+  Suki Suki Onii-chan - DVDPGFully voicedNon-freeCommercial2 DVDs  


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