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Kemono no Shitsuke ~Honnou to Risei no Hazama de Modaeru Kemono~

獣ノ躾 ~本能と理性の狭間で悶えるケモノ~

TitleKemono no Shitsuke ~Honnou to Risei no Hazama de Modaeru Kemono~
Original title獣ノ躾 ~本能と理性の狭間で悶えるケモノ~
AliasesTaming the Beast -It Writhes in the Valley of Instinct & Reason-
DeveloperDevil-seal & Softhouse-Seal
Shops» JP¥ 2090 @ DLsite


* His love reduced to a copulating beast... Copulation shall be his vengeance... *

In a world where humans and beasts live together,
Karuma the Craftsman lived a quiet life of personal pursuits.
But his village was ruled by disruptive louts who troubled that life,
and when he opposed them, they turned vicious.

His goods, his tools, everything was destroyed...
Karuma's reputation was sullied, leaving him only with debt.
And then... the came for Karuma's lover!

She was mercilessly r*ped, and his debts were demanded
to be paid through her prostitution, or else they would kill him.
Karuma exploded in helpless, appalled rage.

"I'll get you for this!"

Karuma has got to repay his debt by any means
necessary! And he only has one month...
But his true motivation is REVENGE.

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