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v961.212018-09-06 at 21:12beliarGoshujin-sama Da~isukiReverted to revision v961.19 There is nothing wrong with the previous cover, which is higher resolution. You don't have to turn every VN image into
v961.202018-09-06 at 20:55bobopopGoshujin-sama Da~isukiEnglish cover
v961.192018-04-22 at 02:58harleyquinGoshujin-sama Da~isukiReverted to revision v961.17. User will keep changing it until someone locks his edit privileges.
v961.182018-04-22 at 02:54meotoiwaGoshujinsama DaaisukiReverted to revision v961.16
v961.172018-04-21 at 12:09beliarGoshujin-sama Da~isukimakes more sense than to create a non-existent word 'daaisuki'
v961.162018-04-21 at 10:31meotoiwaGoshujinsama Daaisukiromaji, title, alias
v961.152017-06-27 at 05:18yorhelGoshujin-sama DaisukiReverted to revision v961.13 That's not an alias, that's a release title. "Titles that are listed in the releases should not be added here!"
v961.142017-06-27 at 04:29alakazanderGoshujin-sama DaisukiName of the Manga Gamer translation.
v961.132017-01-02 at 10:34nekonekogirlGoshujin-sama Daisukistaff
v961.122016-04-30 at 02:56caio000Goshujin-sama Daisukilink
v961.112016-04-30 at 01:58k-animeGoshujin-sama DaisukiAliases
v961.102015-08-24 at 23:58jazz957Goshujin-sama DaisukiComposer
v961.92015-04-08 at 16:26hotsushi-kunGoshujin-sama Daisukiadded voice actors
v961.82011-01-21 at 12:42echomateriaGoshujin-sama DaisukiNSFW clear anatomical depiction of genitals over the underwear
v961.72010-08-29 at 13:17earthwormGoshujin-sama Daisuki.
v961.62010-02-20 at 16:43izmosmolnarGoshujin-sama Daisukibetter cover
v961.52009-06-04 at 09:44eyelessGoshujin-sama DaisukiMore suitable description. Please make it more english...
v961.42009-04-23 at 01:38eyelessGoshujin-sama Daisukiscreenshots
v961.32008-07-30 at 22:20darkxgenesisGoshujin-sama Daisuki
v961.22008-07-30 at 22:19darkxgenesisGoshujin-sama Daisuki
v961.12008-07-30 at 22:08darkxgenesisGoshujin-sama Daisuki