Edit history of Rose Guns Days

v9678.372019-11-25 at 20:34nemesis2005Rose Guns DaysTotal Length should be around 45-50 hours. Maybe even less if you skip the gameplay.
v9678.362019-08-24 at 00:17multiRose Guns DaysReverse relation update caused by revision v26390.5
v9678.352019-08-23 at 23:54multiRose Guns DaysReverse relation update caused by revision v26390.1
v9678.342018-03-06 at 18:28johnrozintonRose Guns Days+ staff
v9678.332018-01-11 at 07:48teffycomRose Guns Daysfix
v9678.322016-09-02 at 17:19teffycomRose Guns Daysstaff
v9678.312016-09-02 at 16:59teffycomRose Guns Daysnote
v9678.302016-09-01 at 18:15teffycomRose Guns Daysstaff
v9678.292016-09-01 at 18:09teffycomRose Guns Daysadded composer
v9678.282016-07-01 at 20:23varioRose Guns Dayscharacter design
v9678.272016-06-19 at 17:35alexandraidvRose Guns Days+WP link
v9678.262016-05-05 at 21:18varioRose Guns Days+1
v9678.252016-01-08 at 03:16zenophiliousRose Guns DaysRemoved the link to novelnews.net because it resulted in a 404, and I can't find anything related to it there.
v9678.242015-12-31 at 15:42nb4yRose Guns DaysAdded more composers
v9678.232015-02-18 at 14:42varioRose Guns DaysAdded composer
v9678.222015-01-29 at 15:58yirbaRose Guns Daysdai as composer
v9678.212015-01-28 at 14:12yirbaRose Guns Dayslink to Ryuukishi07
v9678.202014-11-08 at 02:08necrofantasiaRose Guns Daysalias
v9678.192014-04-24 at 17:29danpmssRose Guns DaysLenght
v9678.182014-03-13 at 16:12beliarRose Guns DaysI think it'd be best to replace the cover pic for season 1 with that for the last season, which is a full game.
v9678.172013-05-15 at 19:51yirbaRose Guns DaysReverted to revision v9678.15 VN is not complete, therefore length is unknown.
v9678.162013-05-15 at 13:44undeniabletruthRose Guns DaysAdded approximate length.
v9678.152012-07-31 at 22:49arkady18Rose Guns DaysSince screenshots from unreleased versions shouldn't stay here, I'm removing three screens that don't belong to the trial version. I'm adding a
v9678.142012-07-27 at 15:41immlffRose Guns Daysfull version of the vn is not out yet, so these screens must be from the trial version
v9678.132012-07-09 at 00:54nananaRose Guns Daysremoving some scenes to add some space for english patch version
v9678.122012-07-02 at 20:17yirbaRose Guns Daysscreenshots
v9678.112012-06-25 at 00:54orophinRose Guns DaysCover
v9678.102012-06-03 at 14:32atlantimaRose Guns Daysremoving retarded name from alias
v9678.92012-06-03 at 12:47yirbaRose Guns Daysencubed link
v9678.82012-03-05 at 23:16echomateriaRose Guns DaysReverted to revision v9678.6 wrong edit
v9678.72012-03-05 at 23:15echomateriaRose Guns Dayscover
v9678.62012-02-27 at 14:15yirbaRose Guns DaysAdd a missing ]
v9678.52012-02-27 at 11:20nananaRose Guns Dayssummary, image
v9678.42012-02-01 at 21:51yirbaRose Guns DaysUse white background for logo.
v9678.32012-02-01 at 21:50yirbaRose Guns DaysAdd Japanese title, add logo.
v9678.22012-01-31 at 19:26orophinRose Guns Daysローズガンズデイズ looks more like a reading helper to me.
v9678.12012-01-31 at 17:35subaruRose Guns DaysNew VN entry