Okami Tsuma ~Ryokan Baito de no Himitsu~


TitleOkami Tsuma ~Ryokan Baito de no Himitsu~
Original title女将妻~旅館バイトでの秘密~
AliasesMadam Proprietress - Secret of a part-time job at a hotel -
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Tabito


Kentaro Yoshimura was on the way to visit a ryokan where he was to work during his summer holiday.
There is a reason for him to revisit to this distant hotel in the hot sun.

He was secretly in love with Reiko, the proprietress of the ryokan.
She was an elegant and beautiful woman, and although she was married and had children,
he could not stop adoring her mature charm.

However, she has been thought of him as a child, and he wished that it would change this year.

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