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Dragon's Cr●wn Ishukan Meikyuu ~Bakemono no Soukutsu ni Mayoikonda Onna-tachi~

ドラゴンズ・ク●ウン 異種姦迷宮 ~化物の巣窟に迷い込んだ女達~

TitleDragon's Cr●wn Ishukan Meikyuu ~Bakemono no Soukutsu ni Mayoikonda Onna-tachi~
Original titleドラゴンズ・ク●ウン 異種姦迷宮 ~化物の巣窟に迷い込んだ女達~
AliasesBeastly Labyrinth of the Dragon's Cr*wn -Lost Girls in the Bakemono Haunt-
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
PublishersSABER FISH
Shares characters
[unofficial] Juuyoku no Mesu Niku Eiyuutan ~Etsura...
Shops» JP¥ 1650 @ DLsite (eng)
» JP¥ 1650 @ DLsite (jpn)


A perverse adaptation of the fantasy action game Dragon's Crown!

A legendary treasure, the "dragon's crown", has the power to destroy worlds in a single night.
It exists somewhere in these ancient ruins, and wicked warlocks seek it.
A heroic party of four brave the labyrinth to stop them.

I am a lowly member of the wicked warlocks.
My ability is to control ghouls, ghosts and spirits.
It's up to me how I dispose of the the party. They're almost all girls!
This place is teeming with monsters I can use to humiliate them.

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Main characters

HairCurtained, Long, White
BodyBig Ass, Huge Breasts, Muscular, Tattoo, Young-adult
ClothesBikini, Forehead Necklace, Gloves, Sabaton
Subject ofTentacle Restraint


Dauntless warriors who know no fear as they effortlessly wield their two-handed weapons. Their massive equipment delivers vicious blows that deal lethal damage to multiple foes at once. Lightly armored, they are agile fighters who rely on punishing kicks when unarmed.

HairBlunt Bangs, Long, Twin Braids, White
BodyMedium Breasts, Pale, Pointed Ears, Teen
ClothesNipple Covers, Thigh-high Boots
Subject ofElectric Shock


A long-lived forest race who are often much older than they appear to human eyes. While slight of body, they are deadly masters of the bow and arrow, using their superior athleticism to fight nimbly and fearlessly from a distance.

HairOrange, Sidehair, Waist Length+
BodyHuge Breasts, Pale, Young-adult
ClothesBaby-doll, Detached Sleeves, Necklace, Robe, Transparent, Witch Hat


Bewitching women with knowledge of dark magic. They are weak of body, but the great knowledge they wield of the arcane arts cannot be ignored. Sorceresses can create delicious food, control skeletons, and turn foes into harmless frogs. A jack-of-all-trades support class, they can provide aid to their friends in countless ways.