Katekyo ~Akaruku Tanoshiku Koku Ecchi~

かてきょ ~明るく楽しく濃くエッチ~

Katekyo ~Akaruku Tanoshiku Koku Ecchi~
TitleKatekyo ~Akaruku Tanoshiku Koku Ecchi~
Original titleかてきょ ~明るく楽しく濃くエッチ~
Publishers Melody & AiCherry


Main character wants a girlfriend. One day he receives a flyer promising to teach how to win a girl in just a week. He attends the course. Fun times begin now!

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2000-09-0818+  Katekyo ~Akaruku Tanoshiku Koku Ecchi~Non-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  
2005-05-1218+  Katekyo - DVDPGNon-freeCommercial2 DVDs

Character summary

Main character Asuka-sensei
Main character Haruka-sensei
Main character Youko-sensei

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