Coda -Toge-


Coda -Toge-
TitleCoda -Toge-
Original titleCoda-棘-
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Our hero, Manabu Kusaka, lost his love years ago in an accident. The accident happened right after she broke up with him. Manabu thought it was his fault that she died, so he tries to kill him self, but fails. Having no other choice, he leaves home. On the anniversary of her death, Manabu receives a letter. His heart jumps as he finds out who sent the letter. The letter is from his lost love. It talks about how tired she is with love, her emotions, and her friends. After reading the letter, our hero goes to the school's garden to bury the letter under a tree; this was not a good idea. . .

Long ago, this tree was used in sacrifices. Our hero and his friends are now chosen as the next "sacrifices." They get warped into a different dimension. What awaits them? Will they ever be able to return? This story has two scenario routes, which include, "A Happy Story" and "The Worst Story." Also, depending on your character, there are many different scenarios to experience.

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2001-10-2618+  Coda -Toge-Fully voicedNon-freeCommercial800x6001 CD  

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