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Boku wa Kimi dake o Mitsumeru ~I Gaze at Only You~

僕はキミだけを見つめる~I gaze at only you~

TitleBoku wa Kimi dake o Mitsumeru ~I Gaze at Only You~
Original title僕はキミだけを見つめる~I gaze at only you~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Developerraindog & inre
Publishersraindog & Hopemoon & inre
Tian Tang hanhuazu
Side story
Boku wa Kimi dake o Mitsumeru Gaiden:...
Shops» JP¥ 7124 @ DLsite (jpn)


The protagonist Sahara Takumi was feared as the leader of the juvenile gangster group “Sabre-tooth Tiger”. Some people in the underworld even called him devil’s incarnate, and so far the police has been unable to capture him.

Then suddenly two of his best friends are killed by an assassin employed by the mafia. The event marked the downfall of Sabre-tooth Tiger and Takumi made sure he stayed out of public attention. Despite even all that he receives a request to be the bodyguard for a mysterious diva named Towa. Seeking revenge for his comrades and a way to rise up from this nightmare, the protagonist accepts the job and stands up to act as Towa’s shield.

[From Otaku Lair]

This game was initially released as doujin game by RainDog, Inre's doujin group name before went as commercial developer.

Full reviews

By myopius on 2020-09-02r40857Vote: 7
<report>A VN from the team that did ChuSinGura. Bokukimi is short, and much shorter than ChuSinGura, but it doesn't feel rushed. I played the 2015 remake.

This isn't a warrior heroine VN like ChuSinGura: the main heroines don't battle. It's a charage, because there are many humorous scenes and eventually flirty, adorably romantic scenes. But above all it's a scenarioge; the lighthearted portions are necessary to relieve the tension of the serious and action-packed plot.

The drama itself will remind you of ChuSinGura: it's a story with a diverse cast of characters who often clash because of their personal convictions, a story of tragic circumstances all around, and a story of a badass protagonist... Read more »
By mdzz on 2020-09-21r19565Vote: 5.4
<report>BokuKimi is a modern remake of a doujin work. Much like ChunSinGura 46+1, BokuKimi is a work that develops a broad ensemble cast of characters - and this shows with the amount of CG + sprites that the work has. Despite being well-produced, BokuKimi is not a great work. It effectively tried to do too much - being both a charage-type of work & a thriller/plot-based work. While it did the former pretty well, it bumbled in the execution of the latter.

The work starts off strong in the common route, but implodes during the heroine routes (or truthfully, heroine route). Every route outside the main heroine is basically ~20 minutes long of "should've chosen the main heroine" (slight exaggeration... Read more »