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Akai Ito   UnknownUnknown2004-10-21
Akai Ito (SuperLite 2000 re-release)   UnknownUnknown2005-10-27
Akai Ito   1280x720Fully voiced2013-10-16Digital download release on the PlayStation Store (Japan & Asia only) for PlayStation 3.
Released under the PlayStation 2 Archive label by Hamster Corporation.

Download Size: 3945MB
Video: NTSC, 480p, 720p
Audio: Linear PCM 2ch
Akai Ito - Trial Edition   UnknownUnknown2004-08-19Customized to run on Windows. Features backlog, music, voices and ability to save.
Akai Ito   UnknownUnknown2010Available as a text only version on the website designed to be read alongside the visual novel.

Since many links there are not working (therefore reading of the novel can't be completed) -- link to old site can be useful: link
Akai Ito - Trial A   640x480Unknown2013-05-21This trial is based on PS2 Yumei patch released in 2011.
* Runs in Western locale
* Runs only in Windowed Mode
* Not TLC'd, unedited translation
* A lot of UI elements were not translated
* CGs/splashscreens were left untranslated (where applicable)
* No OP movie.
Hongxian (patch)  
NA for patches2013-11-02Simplified Chinese translation by AUGUST中文化委员会
Akai Ito (beta) (patch)  NA for patches2016-03-14Covers the full Zohar's website translation (≈88 % of the game text).

Patch can be downloaded here.
Akai Ito (patch)  NA for patches2019-12-18Korean user patch