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Faustus ~Megumareshi Mono~

ファウスタス ~恵まれし者~

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Faustus ~Megumareshi Mono~Suggestive / Tame (15)
ファウスタス ~恵まれし者~
Faustus ~Megumareshi Mono~
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An ancient magician had the knowledge to resurrect with a ceremony. That awakening triggered a magical war involving the whole world. Magicians of the old stood up to protect humanity.
Nowadays news reporter Merlin discovers the ancient secret of resurrection and awakens Simon the Magus and the vicious circle repeats itself.
Will humanity survive?

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Japanese (1)
2000-01-1918+Faustus ~Megumareshi Mono~


Full character list

Character summary

Simon MagusProtagonist
Voiced by Sakai Tetsuya
Damien's Servant AnneMain character
Voiced by Saaya
Pharaoh Queen CleoMain character
Voiced by Kisshou Mirei
HelenaMain character
Voiced by Fukushima Orine
White Wizard NoahMain character
Green Wizard PharaohMain character
Voiced by Takigawa Ken
Red Wizard MerlinMain character
Voiced by Mizuki Ryuuji
Blue Wizard DraculaMain character
Voiced by Tobita Nobuo
Black Wizard DamienMain character
Voiced by Yuuki Hiro

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Faustus ~Megumareshi Mono~

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