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link "アイドラークラスCライセンスを持つ探偵と、同僚にさえいじめられるダメ社員。二つの顔を持つ男。"

Protagonist has a class C IDLA license. The same fictional organization that's in Tantei Shinshi and Mystereet.
Relations[empty][official] Same setting: Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi

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Tokumei Kachou Ijuuiin Ginzaburou

特命課長 慰中陰 銀三郎

TitleTokumei Kachou Ijuuiin Ginzaburou
Original title特命課長 慰中陰 銀三郎
DeveloperDigi Anime
PublishersDigi Anime & Cain
Same setting
Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi




Japanese (3)
2000-08-1818+Tokumei Kachou Ijuuin Ginzaburou
2003-07-3118+Tokumei Kachou ~Sono Ichi Hitozuma Kyonyuu Dorei Hen~ DVDPG
2003-08-2818+Tokumei Kachou ~Sono Ni Idol Choukyou Hen~ DVDPG

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Azumano MikotoMain character
Hisaya KarinMain character
Sawatari MiyuMain character
Serizawa NatsunoMain character
Voiced by Dynamite Ami
Yanagihara MieMain character

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