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Moero Onii-chan


TitleMoero Onii-chan
Original title萌・エ・ロ鬼ィちゃん


For the first 100 years I was as gentle as possible ... However, humans spent these years fighting each other.
For the next 200 years I was rough. Humans hated me and tried to distance themselves.
Next 300 years I spent in silence like a stone. Some humans praised me as God.
Over the next 500 years I listened to the people and occasionally fulfilled their wishes, but hardly received any gratitude.
So I quit everything. Counting time ... thinking...
I forgot about birth, purpose of life and even name.
However, humans call me "demon" ...

Main character is a very strong demon who lives in a solitude in the mountains. However, recently a group of lively girls has arrived. They bring a lot of fuss and rely on demon onii-chan help.

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Japanese (1)
2006-12-2218+Moero Onii-chan


  • Character design
  • Sasayan
  • Vocals
  • DucaED "Amenochi Kimi to Hare Moyou"

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Character summary

Floren ValentineMain character
Voiced by Usami Momoka
Hayasaka KiiMain character
Voiced by Kazane
Mishima MiriaMain character
Satozaki InoriMain character
Voiced by Kasuga An

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