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Hoshimatsuri no Uta


TitleHoshimatsuri no Uta
Original titleほしまつりのうた
DeveloperSofthouse Dew
PublishersSofthouse Dew & Dennou Club


Soichiro Sugimoto is a kind, quiet boy attending Yuigasaki High School. Students at this school like to throw festivals, and the upcoming festival, the Star Festival, is one of the biggest festivals of the year.
Soichiro doesn't like festivals or parties, but his friends won't leave him alone on the night of the Star Festival. Kaya, who grew up with Soichiro, asks him to go to the festival with her. The truth is, Soichiro is secretly in love with her.

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2002-09-0618+Hoshimatsuri no Uta - First Press Edition
2004-02-2618+Hoshimatsuri no Uta - DVDPG


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